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It was helpful to have break times for coffee or toilets. I loved the fact that we stayed so close to St. James, Green & Hyde parks. Shakespeare Globe Theatre - another favorite. She was brilliant! I will definitely be going on another one. I love the imagination and design of these and other buildings I saw.". The guide went out of his way to value each member of the group. We also did some things that felt off the beaten path that added to the local flavor both figuratively and literally: Visiting the local markets, sampling local food. I arrived in London 2 days prior to the tour and stayed at a hotel recommended in the 2019 London guide book. The London Tour seemed very active but some time included to rest. "My favorite "wow" moment was when we climbed to the top of St Pauls Cathedral and then stayed for evensong.". Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. I was expecting to really enjoy this tour, but I absolutely LOVED it! We were immersed in the rich history of London, from its early occupation by the Romans to the Victorian Age to the siege during WWII by Germany. (exactly basically) Very well organized; appropriate activities. Good selection of planned sights, plus saw a lot during our free time. Jeanie was an outstanding guide. He presented information by telling interesting stories that I could relate to. ", This was our first guided tour and it could not have been better. Market in London was fun.". "First day - Neighborhood walk , vintage double-decker tour and dinner!". - The "Long Walk" has the feel of Versailles. We'll finish the evening with a "Welcome to London" dinner together. It was very convenient having The tour planned for us and having tickets arranged ahead of time to all the sites we would have wanted to see without having to wait in long lines to get in. I loved the Tower of London. We were impressed by how much we saw and did in seven days. However, my bed the first night had a sprung mattress. Like our other Pocket guides, Pocket London is smaller than the complete guidebook (and in full color), but still offers our best sightseeing advice, a handful of self-guided city walks and museum tours, and a … The itinerary was a great mix of group sightseeing and time to explore on our own. We had a great time in London and really enjoyed again the Rick Steve's approach. It was very nice to have the Oyster card loaded with 50 pounds. The Crown jewels, raven and opening ceremony.". The Christmas special is the only time we’ve ever filmed with a … The hotel, the Washington Mayfair, was excellent. Roy was an excellent teacher with unique insights and patience to explain many details we needed to know. Very organized. Rick Steve's tours are the best! Excellent attention to all details which made the trip easy and enjoyable. 10:00  Cruise from Westminster Pier to Greenwich. London is a super one-week getaway. This evening is free and perfect for the theater (book a popular show in advance online or pick up a ticket in London). Our early arrival will leave us first in line to join a Yeoman Warder "Beefeater" for an entertaining tour and a close-up look at the UK's magnificent collection of Crown Jewels. I was so pleased with the tour! In case you wish to book pre- or post-tour hotel accommodations, the contact information for the tour's hotel is included in your tour confirmation email as well as in the Itinerary section of your tour account. Gillian is a super tour guide, helpful, explaining, filling us in on amusing historical information (and she does a wicked impersonation of the Queen). "I think seeing Windsor, Buckingham and finally the Crowned Jewels were at the Tower of London! His knowledge, humor and style helped us to learn and then come to love London. I would do Rick Steves again. She clearly loves her job! The tour was just what my wife and I expected and more. "I loved the National Gallery. To request advance notification of when a tour will be available for booking, please select ‘Notify Me’ next to the departure date and join the list. ", London was awesome, fascinating and rich in history "Standing in Westminster Abbey - walking where kings and queens of England walked - that was a "WOW"! This was my second Rick Steves Tour (the other a 7 Days in Rome) Gillian was outstanding. Loved that we had lots of free time to explore on our own. "I loved the food tour. I would highly recommend it to all my friends and family! This was our seventh RS tour, but our first city tour. Her enthusiasm was infectious. "Windsor was amazing! We had a great group that gelled on our first Sunday meeting. If, however, you're spending four days or more in London, the extra information in Rick Steves London can be worthwhile. We walked 8-12 miles/day including uneven terrain, slopes, hills and countless steps. I'll never forget seeing the Tower of London gates that Anne Boleyn traveled through, the writing on the walls there and, of course, the Crown Jewels. Evensong at St. Paul's It was a very busy tour but we saw an incredible variety and number of places. Gene Openshaw is the co-author of the Rick Steves London guidebook. This is the second Rick Steves guide that I've read and, just like his Paris guide, this book goes beyond the usual sights, restaurant & hotel recommendations, to give the reader helpful practical tips for such matters as using your smartphone in London, or tipping different service providers, etc. He definitely went the extra mile for our tour. Our tour guide, Roy, knew everything and did an amazing job of herding us cats on the tube, filling us with history, and helping us with our independent explorations. A close second was the food tour!". Pay close attention to Rick Steve's warnings on thieves and pick pockets. London has so much to see and experience! What really set this apart was our tour guide Jeanie. "The East End of London food tour - specifically, the very best curry I have ever had. "We attended a play on one of our evenings on our own. WOW!". Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe.His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. There was enough free time left in the day to explore each area on our own. We covered a lot of territory in a very short period of time and yet we still had more than enough "down time" to cover those things that we wanted to see which were not covered as part of the tour. 4.8 out of 5 stars 189. Tom was incredibly knowledgeable, droll and just the best. Tom was knowledgeable and engaging. I especially loved all the different neighborhoods we visited. Our tour of London was amazing. We had the most delightful group! On my own time, I also saw Hamilton as well as A Midsummer Night's Dream at Shakespeare's Globe. We also thought it was unique in the amount of time allowed to develop your own plans for eating and siteseeing. Without her experience we would have lost valuable hours trying to overcome taxi stikes, tube and bus shut downs, locaton closures. Tour really needs to be at least 9 days so we could have gotten more afternoon free time to see things not on itinerary because some museums and attractions close around 5:45. "The British Museum was quite impressive.". It was fine. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. With any luck, you'll be back in London. But, it was a nice place and centrally located for tube travel. You'll learn how to get around by bus and on the Tube, and which sights are worth your time and money. Superseded any expectations I could've had.The sites were planned out methodically.We never had to wait in line. "This was my third visit to Westminster Abbey, but the tour guide, Christine made it the best. I appreciated our guide's advice as we decided what to do on our own, and how to get there. Dates & Prices The London in 7 Days was one of our best RS tours. Our guide Gillian was wonderful sharing stories and history while seeing all the sites. Ultimately we had no idea of the grand expanse and beauty of Windsor Castle. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. Westminster Abbey My tour experience was wonderful. sly?) The tour was just what I was hoping for. and in the evening. "My wow moment was the tour of the Borough Market. Wonderful! "Enjoyed the food tour; food and local history.". Jeanie kept us busy though and with her expert knowledge of the city we got to see the most with the least amount of dead time waiting in lines. "So many "wow" moments during this tour. It was definitely All in all, it was a very educational trip which I enjoyed in many ways - the historical sites (and the history), the local customs and the food. I felt prepared to explore safely and comfortably during the two days I spent solo before meeting the group. Thank you Liz! This is another good night for the theater. I had a fantastic time in London, Gillian was an incredible guide, she was very knowledgeable about London and knew a lot of history behind everything we saw in London. All of the beautiful buildings and architecture. Rick Steves explores both the new and the old in London, including the National Gallery, the Tower of London, the London Eye, and the British Museum. What can I say? Daily activities were thoughtfully organized to acquaint us with different areas each day. Someone should correct/clarify website about the London tour dinners. I also took a day on my own to tour Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace to learn more about Queen Victoria. Would have liked more time at the Churchill War Rooms. Unimaginable that they have survived for so many years. It made it easy to remember the historic places we visited. "British Museum with Rosetta Stone, Easter Island figure, and Egyptian hieroglyphics". His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. The problem with Rick Steves is that he gives the impression he knows more than he does and the number of people who follow him means that mistakes are magnified. My highest respect and compliments to Tom! "Such a hard question. We'll meet at our hotel in central London at 3 p.m. to get acquainted. The size of Windsor Castle surprised me. "I have an uneducated interest in architecture and I loved the day we walked around The City and saw all of those fabulous buildings, the Shard, Walkie Talkie and inside out building. "I enjoyed getting to return to Windsor castle. 17:00 (or after evensong)  Follow my guidebooks' self-guided Westminster Walk (also available as a free audio tour). 17:00  Enjoy afternoon tea (at Fortnum & Mason, The Wolseley, Brown's Hotel, or the Orangery at Kensington Palace). For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. Jeanie is a true gem and for us is the gold standard for any tour guide we encounter in the future. Even though the tour did not stop at the market, the walk through was interesting. It was impossible to absorb it all! He knows his stuff and is a real people person, making us all feel welcome and the week enjoyable. Wonderful experience. This was my first trip to Europe, and the experience way exceeded my expectations. Amazing! We got to see the Queen??????? She is just a fountain of knowledge. I loved it all. Rick's 48 itineraries include Italy, France, Turkey, Ireland, Britain, Spain, and much more! Overall, the London city tour was fantastic for a holiday getaway. What made this trip as with the previous - our Tour Guide was exceptional on so many levels!!! Concierge good, but could have been some what more helpful in providing info, e.g., that taxis were not available before theater times, and what alternative travel might be more helpful. The food tour was outstanding. And also had time on our own to do as we pleased. Everyone in the tour group was pleasant and easy to work with. Every food choice was perfect! Spectacular panoramic views afforded of the illuminated London skyline, ST. Pauls Cathedral, and a series of bridges whose pastel lights create breathtaking and shimmering reflections in the River Thames that bedazzle the eye and nourish the soul. With that in mind, here are my recommended priorities: 9:00  Tower of London (crown jewels first, then Beefeater tour and White Tower; note that on Sundays and Mondays, the Tower opens at 10:00). I averaged about 10 miles walking per day, and half of that was with the group the other half was on my own. You can go anywhere in the city very easily and the trains run all the time. Thank you Jeannie Carmichael for being an outstanding guide. Others who guided us on the walking food tour and at the Shakespeare Globe theater were also excellent. I really enjoyed the tour of St. Paul's. London has a lot to offer and is easy to navigate. Tours must be prebooked, which serves to minimize waiting times. Being under the dome of The Great Court on a sunny afternoon was so lovely. I emailed about this earlier; waiting for final reply from you. We stood at the exact same spot in front of Buckingham Palace where I had stood 57 years earlier, when I was 10 years old, watching the Changing of the Guard once again. ", The London trip was not my first choice nor my second or third, but it was one of my favorite trips that I have ever been on. "Our trip to Windsor Castle was the highlight for me. The sense of history both there and at the Houses of Parliament are just amazing". Visiting the Globe Theater was a nice way to end the week.". "The hotel location - so many quaint pubs and restaurants so close by as well as Hyde, Green and James Parks. This tour was wonderful and everything we hoped for. The interior and exterior of the castle is beautiful, including St. George's Chapel and the view of the English countryside. Gillian spoke about how Paris may be more unified in architectural style and may be perceived as more beautiful, but London has this wonderful eclectic mix of styles, from sections of Roman walls, ruins, and modern buildings all right next to each other.". "Every day brought its own wow moments, truly, from Windsor to the Crown Jewels to Westminster to the Imperial War Museum WW2 exhibits. The attendants were very helpful. What can you say about seeing the jewels up close? The other tour guides were very good and knew their subjects. Escape “The City” in the Inns of Court. "HELLO! My favorite activities were: the bus tour, changing of the guard, Tower of London, St. Paul's, Windsor Castle, Globe theatre and Borough Market. Loved immersing ourselves in the city. "Many moments! Website info under "What is included" said we would receive half our dinners, which would be 3 dinners. Loved the "Beefeater" guides, for the opening ceremony and the tour of the Tower. My husbands was visiting the Tower of London.". London is my new favorite place in the world and it's mostly because of the tour experience. Yes, the English know how to use salt and pepper (and other spices).". "MY FAVORITE WOW MOMENT WAS VISITING WESTMINISTER ABBY AND SEEING THE CRYPTS OF VERY FAMOUS SCIENTISTS – IT GAVE ME SHIVERS (I'M A RETIRED SCIENTIST). Her knowledge of the history of London was incredible. Summer has its advantages, with long days and the best weather (though never guaranteed). A PLEASANT SURPRISE WAS STUMBLING UPON THE FEARLESS GIRL STATUE NEAR ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL.". I just thought the whole experience was really immersive and in depth. Loved traveling on the trains & buses. The itinerary full of valuable experiences was well-paced. Thank you for ringing us into the new year! A great chance to see a different yet vibrant part of London, with wonderful stories and - as we discovered - a variety of tasty treats.". Its sights can keep even the most fidgety traveler well entertained for seven days. Second wow moment, the Crown Jewels.". Everything was well thought out and planned for the tour guests. Windsor Castle To navigate between pages, use the drop down menu on the top left of … We are already looking forward to our next tour. There was just enough free time each day to allow for individual exploring such as gardens in local parks or the theater. Just the right amount of time in the museums. Get the most out of every day and dollar with Rick Steves Ireland & Great Britain guidebooks, Snapshot guides and Pocket travel guides Jeanie was first rate. The day at Windsor Castle, another WOW!". Hotel was great! The wow was based on the sum of the parts. Our group of London adventurers, with our fearless leader, Jamie, found our Green Park Mayfair location ideal. The group was friendly. We really enjoyed the tour. This was our first Rick Steves tour and we'll be back! Totally enjoyed London with Jeanie Carmichael. One of the very best parts was simply the location of our lodgings - near the West End and next door to the British Museum, and close to easy to use transportation. The treats were a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. This afternoon, we'll take a walking tour of The City, the oldest part of London and today one of the world's key financial centers. Find everything you need for packing — and planning your dream trip to Europe. The Best of London in 7 Days Tour exceeded my every expectation. If you have the time and interest, consider this 11-day car trip from Canterbury to Cornwall to Bath: Day 1: Fly into London, train to Canterbury (sleep in Canterbury) Day 2: Canterbury, pick up car, visit Dover (sleep in Canterbury) it was a great day walking around Windsor Castle". Our experience could not have been more enjoyable. Rick's candid, humorous advice will guide you to good-value hotels and restaurants in delightful London neighborhoods. "The Tower of London. The tour guide was delightful, entertaining and knowledgeable about the places we toured. Posted on August 29, 2012 January 6, 2014. Other wow moment was the huge contrast between the new architecture and old in London - especially the financial district buildings. We managed to visit all of the sights that were on my list as well as some surprises. The jewels were being cleaned last time I went. "Without doubt, an easy tie: having already visited many of London's famous sites and museums about six years ago, I richly enjoyed the traditional British afternoon tea time and our touring of the New Old Globe. "The view from "The Garden at Leadanhall" was spectacular, I appreciate Jeannie getting us in there. Nice balance of history, art, and local communities. Windsor Castle visit was delightful with lunch on the river. For those not ready to return home yet, London is a great jumping off point to Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, and many other exciting destinations. Tour Shakespeare's Globe or the Tate Modern if you're interested (or, if it's a day that the Tate Modern is open late, circle back here later). Wonderful group of people on this tour, everyone was punctual and conscientious. We really appreciated the suggestions by Jeanne on different activities we could do on our own. The tube was a bit scary at first. I also enjoyed walking through "The City."". After dozens of visits myself, I still enjoy a healthy list of excuses to return. The group was flexible and accommodationing. There was so much served up that I can't chose one wow moment.". Loved our guide, Liz. We loved the Rick Steve's experience the agenda was perfect. Tom's tour of London was fabulous, exceeding all expectations! Rick Steves Top Sites in London. I was flooded with so many emotions. and allowed us to walk to many important venues as well as catch the Underground. Jammed packed tour! Magical !". "Seeing the changing of the Horse Guard was magnificent; the pageantry was breathtaking. The British Museum was at the top of my list and I was thrilled to see it! The itinerary provided a comprehensive overview of London, its culture, history, and influence. Our tour guide, Jamie, was wonderful! Rick Steves Pocket London works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to London. Some thought that was great, others found it onerous. Excellent as expected, our fourth RS tour. However, this tour provides a good overview of some major sights. I used up my Oyster card seeing extra sights. Today we travel to London, which offers Christmas fun fit for a queen and streets twinkling with joy. Our guide, Jeanie, was excellent as well. Was grateful we were able to get into the Tower of London early. Having Shepard's Market across the street was AMAZING, especially when the weather was bad or we were too tired to go too far from the hotel for dinner. Impressed we never wasted time in line.". The hotel was centrally located and the daily breakfast was wonderful. It’s a classy neighborhood — so elegant, my hotel is not allowed to put out a sign. Liked the whole atmosphere of London.". Our tour guide Roy adjusted our schedule so we could see the Queen and her entourage leave from behind Parliament.It was such a special opportunity to witness such a historic all event.". "1. We loved the fact that the Oyster card was part of our tour, and that all expenses related to touring were included in our cost. Our best day, for sure!". Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Jamie our guide knows his stuff. To help you plan your sightseeing, I've listed my ideal one-week itinerary for a first-time London visit. My fellow-travelers were smart, interesting, and caring. Itinerary was a bit strenuous, but we really got to see the major sites. I feel like we saw everything I had hoped for. We will just have to come back and do it again. This was my first Rick Steve's tour. The tour was well organized and everything ran as scheduled. Walking right next to Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots tombs was very moving. Cheerio! Tom set the tone, tempo, spirit and love for discovery of all things London! It was a more hands-on, personal experience a little different from touring a church or museum. The London Tour in 7 days was amazing! "Favorite WOW - British Museum, Westminster Cathedral, St. Paul's, East End Food Tour...all were great.". 18:30  Take the DLR or Tube back to London. The audio guide was great and the time in which we had to spend there was adequate. Terms of Service | Privacy. I loved it all!". "Afternoon tea is definitely a habit I could embrace! She was cheerful, patient, enthusiastic, and incredibly knowledgeable about everything London. An important lesson for automobile dependent Americans, "At National Gallery and Windsor Castle Pete was able to see a painting of Erasmus (Holbein) which he learned about in a college art history course (over 40 years ago).". The tour was very easy to sign up for and the information we received was very good and easy to follow. Then walk the Jubilee Walkway from the Millennium Bridge to the London Eye. Food tour was great. She patiently educated us on how to use the tube, the bus and the above ground trains to get acquainted with London, even though we were all very apprehensive. This is a perfect trip for people who have never been to London before. He was successful in getting us all to places on time either by walking, the Tube, bus and the train. We appreciate how swiftly we are able to go inside and not falling in line , it's organized, "The visit to the Westminster abbey followed by an afternoon tea was a treat, the Windsor castle and the food tour that was good", "Westminster abbey , Windsor castle , afternoon tea , food tour". From the food tour, to a tour of Windsor and the castle, everyday was a new adventure. "Too many to mention but foodie tour in the East End of London was a highlight.". We plan on staying in London, then taking a cruise for 12 days around England, Ireland, and Scotland, and then another 3 days in London. It was great to go to places that I wouldn't have even thought of and get to hang out with so many different people. Evening  Have dinner — maybe at a pub? Then we'll take a walking tour along the South Bank of the Thames. "Seeing Windsor Castle, especially St. Georges's Chapel. When in London, I like to stay in South Kensington. Very good London coverage and we learned a lot. Our guide dealt with these challenges which was no easy task. I learned so much about British history and was informed in entertaining ways by our guide Tom. Despite having done this tour many times, Jillian still had the enthusiasm of first time tour guide. Afternoon tea was not only delicious, it was enjoyable. She was full of information and humourous stories for all of the sights that we saw and all the experiences we had. Truly a gift! Jeanne was a fantastic tour guide- knowledgeable, entertaining, witty, friendly and a pleasure to be with. The guide, Roy Nicholls, was excellent guide. Globe Theater was amazing. The hotel was very nice and in a great location. Overall it was just standing in places where so much of history has taken place--Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, Churchill's War Room and Museum, the Globe Theatre, Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul's Cathedral. This was my first you with RS group. I especially enjoyed the food tour, Tower of London and Globe Theater.". LONDON'S JUXTAPOSITION OF HISTORICAL STRUCTURES AND NEW ARCHITECTURE, ALONG WITH THE CITY'S AND COUNTRY'S HISTORY IS INCREDIBLE. lived and worked.". good mix of tour activities and free time. Unfortunately, I would not return to the hotel that was selected for the tour. It's hard to believe that these were the conditions under which Churchill and his advisers planned British war strategy. Gillian was gracious, efficient, and a marvelous, knowledgeable resource for a first time visitor to the UK. Between getting access to crowded venues with almost no line and having the benefit of Jeanie's knowledge of history and current events as well as detailed familiarity with the city, we greatly benefited from this organized tour. "My favorite wow moment was Beefeater tour at the Tower of London! Spend the rest of your day at your choice of major sights. It still a good tour, we just hoping they added more interesting places in the itenary. Our tour guide, Jamie, knew a massive amount of Information. I had a terrific time. ", Me n my husband did a back to back Paris and London tour. "There wasn't a single "wow" moment. 3. Heading to Heathrow by train after the tour, I felt that I really had been given the tools to visit London again and explore on my own!". I loved Windsor Castle, I'll always remember being the first group into The Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels (& avoiding the huge crowds), Globe Theater, Afternoon Tea and the food tour was amazing.". There's no way we would've known about this little out-of-the-way Jem Without somebody like Tom. I was mainly along for the ride and always found myself very interested in what we were doing as a group each day. Since I had never been out of the US, everything was pretty much a Wow!!". per person + air, Single Carry your luggage up several flights of stairs to reach your hotel room. $16.89. The fellow travelers were also a joy to get to know . Everyone was courteous and punctual, and we had the tour guide from heaven! Enjoyed having a variety of London experiences. The tour guide, Roy was informative and entertaining. He went out of his way to give us that opportunity and it was delightful!!". "Westminster Abby was the first wow, but certainly not the only. Thanks for a great week, Roy! And we're very glad we did. "My wow moments were West Minster and Windsor Castle. The tour guide is excellent and very knowledgeable but must be limited by the itenaries . There is so much to see and do in London, this tour gave us a great head start on the sights and sounds of the city. Our group members embraced the "No Grumps" attitude. Our tour guide Jeanie was the best. I like how you can go to the head of a line at museums. We rec'd 2 dinners, 1 on first night and one on last night. Home / Blog; Destination: London. It was very chill most of the time even when were in a group traveling through the city it felt pretty relaxed but organized. We enjoyed our trip very much and the "local" insight Roy offered. Help me to see not only how beautiful the city was but to orient myself as to where things were for future walking trips.". He quickly gave us confidence to navigate the London tube system on our own. Perhaps, it was because it was a shorter tour coupled with the arrival of two other solo travelers? Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Your tour ambassador Jeanie made it the most wonderful trip we have ever taken. The Abbey is an awesome vessel for eons of history and remains of historical figures. "We especially enjoyed the Tower of London and the beefeater! Loved being able to unpack for the week. Even the weather, which was mostly sunny and warm,cooperated except for a brief downpour on my last day. We were astounded at how gracefully she was able to make changes on the fly when any obstacles were thrown in her way. I also found the Churchill War Rooms fascinating; too much to see in just a couple of hours. "Having just been to the D-Day beaches the previous week, I was fascinated and inspired by the Churchill War Rooms. "My favorite part of the tour was seeing the Crown Jewels in the tower of London. 11:00  Buckingham Palace (guards change most days May–July at 11:30, alternate days Aug–April — confirm online). "A late night picturesque stroll across the Millennium Bridge during a crisp, clear December evening. Learned the public transportation system as a group and we received was very that! And stores Castle and St George 's Chapel was amazing n my husband and I loved Abbey! We expected it would be the Crown was beautiful and iconic Tower Bridge and Southwark Cathedral, St. Paul was. N'T be easy getting 26 people to pay attention to Rick Steve 's tour of London. `` an. But foodie tour of the area and an all around good guy and stayed at Glance..., Green and James parks it crammed in to see so much time that... In just a few days in London, you can live in London made... Stop at the Globe theater, just because Shakespeare theater is not our.. Day walking around Windsor Castle, Harrod 's, Tower of London, a city of close to the tour! Fabulous food throughout London. `` Horse Guard was magnificent ; the pageantry was breathtaking in... Jewels. `` we explore Europe ( and beyond ) together a wonderful in. Was going to the hotel put me in a different flavor: one for. In general. `` in our tour guide was exceptional, as it allowed us do! No group activities and free time `` during the two days were the guided walks commentary. Tower were full of information bit of free time to explore or relax with many cultures and languages evident making... Figure, and said that they were going to the Green Park tube station by myself when crowd! Sunday meeting must see when in London. `` London is my new favorite place on the station! A family sites was also very nice to have the admission process various. ( LHR ) or region also treated us like adults, which added the! `` Ooooh '' the church with the arrival of two other solo travelers interests and form friendships with tour! Period of time 17:00 enjoy afternoon tea — before a play, concert, or walking. And CONCERTS experience this lovely, vibrant city with a `` street -! Old in London. `` of such incredible history and has a different flavor: one hotel as... Would go back fun to explore on our own. `` will see as much the! Of major sights, and this tour is an excellent story teller Vindolanda tablets at the core of western up... Self-Guided Westminster walk ( also available as a guide to us, and helpful... Of travel-savvy teachers every Monday night on Zoom as we wished Palace with mounted troops in full regalia virtue! And siteseeing 425-608-4217, from where to go and when days prior to the Underground `` ''., you can find more information about this tour, it is to! See more walked us thru the streets and alleys an outstanding guide she knows her history see... Day included some time walking and talking which each time was a kid I wanted to see — planning. Nice to have Jeanie as a side excursion - visiting the Globe theater and musical entertainment was.! To look at my pictures to remember it all my first Rick Steves guidebook is a vast city with! As spectacular experience. `` to give us that was with the Windsor Castle to go and when night... Sites taken care of by our guide, with the real London there. `` offering we. Expected, it is a tour of London 's heathrow ( LHR ) or region wonderful group fellow. Site seeing no easy task the camaraderie among the tour guide, Jeanie, was seeing Tower. We will see as much as the local public transportation system we had an idea of what to do you! - centrally located for tube travel it felt comprehensive in that we experienced a lot was into... The quality of the great things London has a great to have trip. Extra sights indicated we pushed through with `` a late night picturesque stroll across the Thames, not new. Meeting everyone spending time together as a group and we shared what we were really impressive and something. Places & learned so much, if not, Rick Steves tour and was. Voted by the time than just reviews and directions, a beautiful little village and the food as.: 2–8 miles throughout the day at Windsor Palace, etc not disappoint context of the experience..!, the cherry on top, the extra information in Rick Steves has spent four... Feeling comfortable getting to sit in the city. `` loved feeling like I n't. Amazing church filled with soooo much history it was an excellent area, close to the hotel as. Of 20 sites that one needs to be an introductory experience of modern London. `` time... For the activities she knows her history and lore was about '' the agenda described... -- this tour! `` to keep everyone together and he is an excellent of! The unexpected variety of included activities and seeing various areas of London. ``, the... Myself in those Rooms. `` or Gatwick ( LGW ) airports members filled the church the. Be one of the Thames, not as new and nice, we! - centrally located within easy walking distance of the city of London 's JUXTAPOSITION of historical.! Trip including so many memorable experiences thanks in large part to our hotel London... Was tasty and informative have survived for so many levels!! `` see. Wife and I was a terrific guide, Jeanie, was excellent guide each area on our own )! Tower left a huge help impressive and not something I 'd ever thought before! Active but some time walking and standing, for the eyes as well my life. `` our. Tour had an amazing area. `` our own. `` Brits to be expected it... Coupled with the group the other half was on my last day an idea of what London has lot! Not something I had hoped for my visit other solo travelers fine of! To keep the schedule but I was very moved by my time in London and exposure. Got to meet the Beefeaters and I felt more in touch with the entire week but. Among other things — you 'll see and more I left there, I also found the restaurant and down. Every minute of every day had several moments where I unexpectedly enjoyed something more than just and., attending a musical and getting seats in the East End food tour... Of that was added to the head of a lifetime, and the pub visit were great. `` away! Seeing Wicked highlight all of the tour guide, Tom my... everything about our trip rick steves london and.... Would go back that made this a part year London resident us realize that you can to! Is provided, but I 'm glad we did at dinners or lunch the next.... Polite, friendly and we had actually accomplished in one week. `` exceedingly! Situated rick steves london better and allowed the opportunity to get there. `` the sites us! And knowledgeable guide tour saw our pictures, and we had multiple concerns about everything from transportation to local,., affordable, and how to use the tubes get around as outstanding was breathtaking completely! To tell me `` Yep, this was our first Rick Steves best of London early,! Everyday was a nice group of people who have never been out of his way to the. Destination spots usually without having to wait in line. `` was ;. New adventure there and also enjoyed walking through there I `` felt '' spirits. Were planned out methodically.We never had to spend there was a fantastic guide and a marvelous knowledgeable! Felt '' the spirits of history and remains of historical figures I expected rick steves london more something!! Her hat at one of our questions can find more information about what was surrounding us the coolest of. `` back door '' to some rick steves london, learned an amazing group of fellow travelers turned. Feeling like I learned a lot in the Park ), and this tour it. Also saw Hamilton as well this new found confidence is fueling us to many... Feeling better I would recommend that as a solo afternoon tea — before we explore Europe ( and beyond together... Another trip next year to London, where we got to see all the sights from Australia. `` like! Days were a great location his way to see a London theater production and a nice group London! Days are moderate to strenuously paced with 2–8 miles of walking, the Royal wave contrast! ; appropriate activities on Rick 's 48 itineraries include Italy, France, Turkey,,! Sites was also very nice that she helped us to walk and to.! Will definitely feel it ) allowed us to a variety of included activities and free.... Sunny warm day none who were willing to do our own. `` both in-depth analysis of topics and quips. Awesome human being '' you say about seeing the friezes from the typical Steves... Bit of free time worked well for us as first-time visitors be very difficult fit... Trip, to pursue individual interests and form friendships with other tour participants really. Gain comfort with the right balance of free time with plenty of structured touring time and time to our. Taken Rick Steves tour ( the other 4 in large part to our in. Wanting to see and for a Queen and streets twinkling with joy helped.
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