The front panel also has two dedicated headphone outputs with individual level controls. This is a Japanese cable company that makes all of their cables to high quality standards. The mic preamps are fantastic! Read More » Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Duo (APLTWDII) - Ultra high-quality, low latency audio interface; MOTU Ultralite AVB USB iOS Interface - Well received from previous customers, fantastic customer reviews; RME Audio Interface (BABYFACEPRO) - Ultra portable and a customer favourite Audio interfaces under $1000 range from large ‘rack’ styled devices through to pocket sized incredibly compact and durable audio interfaces. The Apogee Duet is the perfect audio interface for anyone looking for more inputs/outputs than the Apogee One. Desktop Under $1000 Desktops 107 results. BEST Audio Interface under $1,000 for SM7b + Grace 101 (HARDCORE HIP HOP) Hello.. $39.99 USD. Zoom TAC-2R Thunderbolt Audio Interface. – plus four Instrument inputs, Midi ports, and Coaxial ports! 94. Great sound! As we’ve discussed within our other audio interface buyers guides, it’s important to keep in mind a few things before making a decision on a specific audio interface. Knobs and buttons are heavy and confident as well as the solid click when inserting cables. With that said, let’s compare the top-rated $1000 audio interfaces and compare their features, pros, and cons, so you can find the right one for your recording studio. No on an as needed. The best recording studio build for only under $1000 total. Think about how many inputs you need, what type of ports you need, and most importantly what types of setting you need. Now, we can safely assume that price is an important aspect, with this article being about audio interfaces under $1000, but there are plenty of other fundamental aspects to look for, here are the main ones: The number of inputs & outputs – It’s granted that each person looking to purchase an audio interface for $1000 or less will have different usage requirements, and a large aspect of usage,  is the number of inputs and outputs that are available to you. The Presonus Quantum audio interface is the most expensive unit featured on this list, and when taking into account exactly what it offers, it’s easy to see why. Some come with full colour LED/LCD displays for input and output levels, others offer portability by being powered by batteries. The Apogee Duet is a stylish, AD/DA audio converter that provides 2 analog inputs with mic preamps and selectable 48 volt phantom power for connecting microphones, instruments or line-level equipment. Two front-mounted mic/line/instrument inputs are joined by six rear-mounted mic/line inputs (all on combo connectors). Audio interfaces range in price from under $50 to over $1000. – This unit is great for live situations too. The controls and the built-in screen simplify adjustments and the Duet looks great on the desktop. In fact, in a recent NGHTMRE Snapchat he can be seen using this great interface while teasing one of his newest releases. The features and the functions of the unit are of great number. Guitar Repair Bench is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It is sturdy, it sounds great, it has a lot of inputs and outputs, a built-in DSP, and an Auto-Sens feature that will save you a lot of time! Best Audio Interface: Top 5 Audio Interfaces Under $1000. The Focusrite Clarett can record with an Analog to Digital resolution of 24bit Bit Depth and 192Hz sampling rate. The Focusrite Clarett 8Pre is a Thunderbolt audio interface with eight Mic … Simply put, after several years of working at home with an original Mbox, opening my first session with the Duet 2 was akin to listening to the song with brand-new ears. By making this decision, you have left a lot of compromises behind: just about any audio interface over $1000 will be at least 24bit/96KHz, have a generous number of inputs, and have good quality audio to digital converters. However, we strongly suggest before buying this, or any other product, to do your in-depth research, to diminish the chances of getting disappointed. The thing that makes this interface outstanding, is the fact that you can control all of the device’s settings online in your web browser through the Web-based app with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s built around two of UAD’s Unison microphone preamps and highly-regarded audio converters descended from the company’s iconic Apollo interfaces and it delivers the most compelling sound in its price range. I'm an underground rapper who focuses mostly on lyrics so i … Unfortunately, some Mac users are having problems with this unit. Apollo Twin MkII is a 10-in/6-out desktop Thunderbolt audio interface. More Info The UAD Arrow is, hands down, the best guitar audio interface in its class. Read the full review. As a company, Warm Audio is known for their super affordable copies of vintage units. Let’s start with what’s stayed the same. However, there are many owners of this unit that claim their MOTU 828x has stopped working after a couple of years of usage. You can also use it for live situations! You can check current prices on zZounds Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano If, however, you’ve been hankering for more DSP than your existing Twin affords you, your day has come – have at it. It all feels very solid. The interface works both with Windows and MAC OS X devices. Hey Universal Audio, take some notes from your customers! We’ve outlined fairly just a few totally different synthesizer worth ranges (corresponding to synths under […] Brand – For some shoppers, brand can be everything. On the back of the unit, you will find Mic/Line 1 input, Mic/Line 2 input, Monitor Left/Right jacks, Line Out Left/Right jacks, the Thunderbolt port, the Optical In port, the input for the power adaptor, and the On/Off power switch. This results in near-zero-latency monitoring and/or recording through them. Get the best mic preamp for your home studio. The best audio interfaces under $300 at a glance. Any of them would be a great addition to your home and are capable of bringing the theater experience inside your home. . Now, the Studio One 3 Artist comes with the Studio Magic plug-in suite, which has, of course, a good number of great plug-ins. Image: Audient. Depending on what you want to achieve, you’ll priorities different features when finding the best audio interfaces under $1000 for your situation. This message is showing because at least 1 product Resident Audio T4 Thunderbolt Audio Interface… The best DAC under $1000. ). IK Multimedia’s iRig HD 2 guitar interface is a great way to turn a smartphone or tablet into a fantastic practice and recording tool. 828es has to be our favourite audio interface featured on the list. The 25 Best Audio Interfaces Money Can Buy (2020) Audio Interfaces are the beating heart of most producers’ studios. In such case, you need to review Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic Plus. Best Audio Interface: Top 5 Audio Interfaces Under $1000. The Babyface Pro by RME is one of the most portable audio interfaces that we’ve featured on the list, besides from the Apogee Duet of course. We recommend the Roland Studio-Capture! The Focusrite Clarett 8Pre is a Thunderbolt audio interface with eight Mic Preamps. – A great number of inputs and outputs, SPDIF, MIDI, ADAT…. The Best Guitar Equipment & Musical Hardware Reviews. Whether you’re in the market for a standalone tube combo or a fully loaded tube head to drive your own speaker cabs, the amps on this list have you covered. Deciding on the best audio interface under $1,000 that will make your guitar sound amazing can be tough. One minor issue: in some circumstances, the monitor mute and level can be a bit slow to respond. USB is the most popular and widely used mainly because it comes in many different forms ranging from USB Type-A, USB 2, & Micro USB through to the latest USB Type-C connections. USB Black wired mouse Keyboard. In today’s article we are looking at the best audio interfaces that you can find for under $1,000. By Omar Carbona | 2 – Universal Audio Apollo Twin – $699/Solo Processing, $899/Duo Processing. It also has a Hi-Z quarter-inch guitar input (overriding Mic/Line 1 when occupied), four quarter-inch output jacks (two Monitor, two Line). And whilst we agree that brand reputation is important, as it’s likely to demonstrate that the company provides great quality products, hence they’re talked about a lot and gain fans and loyal users, try not to discount newer brands. CHECK LATEST PRICE Cakewalk Sonar X1 LE The Octa-Capture by the Roland... Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface. It offers a lot! This is great news if you’re looking to get hold of a device that will give you a fantastic sound without costing the earth. The Dim button lowers the monitor output level, the Mute switch kills it entirely, and the Mono button switches between stereo and mono output for playback system compatibility checking. And with the limited connectivity of the Eleven Rack, I need another audio interface. Best Audio Interfaces for Guitar. Such as word clock only being on the 18i20 and no optical S/PDIF option for the 18i20. It can record with an Analog to Digital sample rate of 192kHz, and 24-bit Bit Depth. . Overall, the Apogee Duet is a fantastic audio interface for those musicians who are fine with having only 2 inputs/4 outputs. Instead you’ll be looking for small battery powered options. Best Vocal Microphones under $500 ⌊ posted Jun 1, 11:47 PM. Well, UA has apparently beefed up the AD/DA converters, for even more dynamic range and less distortion, but the MkI was so outstanding in this department that you’ll be hard pushed to tell the difference – it’s still the cleanest, most transparent-sounding interface in its price range. Bitrate & Sample Rates – To put it simply, the higher the bitrate and sample rate, the better the overall audio quality. Nonetheless, this is your best bet if you are micing more than 4 things at once. Best DAC Under $1000 For Audiophiles (2020 Reviews) You probably already know that a good set of headphones or earbuds can really make a difference. Additionally, the unit is housed within an aluminum chassis, and runs on either bus-power or an external power supply… All of which is totally up to yourself. This key component of any studio setup has tremendous competition in the low end of the market, and there is little to separate most offerings. as a temporary solution. 6 Best Powered Subwoofers Under $1,000 for 2020 by James Larson — November 24, 2020. (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert! The 25 Best Audio Interfaces Money Can Buy (2020) Behringer U-Phoria UM2. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. It’s obviously not a deal breaker. It happens in living rooms, on front porches, in parks, and everywhere in between. Oh, it is rack-mountable too! Using the ADAT ports, you can expand to plus 16 channels! Overall, the M-Audio M-Track 8x4M is definitely a great unit for those who want premium-quality sound. More Less. The interface boasts a ton of I/O, a great design, and more — and we think it’s able to go head to head with interfaces much more expensive. In this article we will discuss some of the best budget audio interfaces which provide value and quality for beginners and those already familiar with home studio recording. All of them sound and feel great, and Unison remains a huge and unique selling point for the Apollo Twin MkII. The Roland-Capture is a professional audio interface, perfect for tracking full bands. Don’t be put off by this, these audio interfaces under $1000 are still great value. The best bookshelf speakers under $1000 offer great audio to complement and upgrade your home theater system to provide the best of surround sound. Pro tools is a popular editing software that we’ve seen offered as part of audio interface packages in the past. On the back of the interface, you can find the Main Out Left/Right ports, the Time Code In/Out ports, the 1/2 Sends, the eight Analog Outputs, the eight Analog Inputs, the Switch port, the Optical A and B In/Out ports, the USB2 port, the Thunderbolt port, the Midi In/Out ports, the S/PDIF ports, the Word Clock In/Out ports, and the power cable jack. All eight mic preamps feature individual front panel gain knobs, along with 48V phantom power switched on/off in two banks of four. The front panel of the interface consists of power button which has a led ring (it will be red if it’s not synced with the computer, and blue if it is synced), two headphones outputs and their level control knobs, then there is the big Main level control knob with which you will control the level of your main monitors (it has led indicators for showing the level), right next to it, you will find the led meters for the eight analog inputs. Buying guide for Best USB audio interfaces. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.